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How to Stay Nourished as an Older Adult

Did you know that following a Mediterranean diet packed with healthy olive oil, fish, nuts, fruit and veg is good for your heart? Studies show that an increased intake of the elements of a Portuguese diet can reduce the risk of a cardiovascular event. Appropriate nutrition in your diet can help to reduce the effects of already-existing chronic illnesses or help prevent them from developing which is why it is so important to adapt your diet accordingly as you age. Take a look at some of the ways you can make this change to your diet later in life.

Peas with carrot, courgette and poached eggs | Food From Portugal


Nutrition Portuguese-Style

Many older adults may be used to eating the foods they have eaten throughout their lives. However, being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with trying new foods. There are plenty of delicious Portuguese recipes to try for those who find the idea of healthy eating bland and you may find that you enjoy the taste of something new. Nutrients older adults may need more of include:

– Vitamin D and calcium

– Vitamin B12

– Fibre

– Potassium

– Unsaturated fats

These can be found in various fish, meats, vegetables and fruit all of which should be included as part of a balanced Portuguese diet.

Fish stew | Food From Portugal


Stock Up on Fruit and Veg

The basis for a tasty and healthy stew is a potful of vegetables. Traditional Portuguese dishes such as seafood stew and chicken à jardineira contain a source of meat alongside some tasty vegetables and pulses. A Portuguese-style chicken and fruit dish is also packed full of vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy, stable diet. You may be used to eating fruit and veg in a certain way or stick to those you know you like, but now is a great time to add something new to your diet.

Portuguese seafood stew | Food From Portugal
Chicken 'à jardineira' | Food From Portugal


Avoid Fizzy Drinks

Drinking high amounts of soda or fizzy drinks can lead to diseases such as Type two diabetes and heart disease. Seniors between the ages of 85 and 99 are also six times more likely to be admitted to hospital for dehydration making it extremely important to add plenty of water to your diet. Older people should substitute sodas for water mixed with some fresh fruit or cucumber or try some blended fruit juices to tickle your taste buds.

Honeydew melon milkshake | Food From Portugal
Lemonade with strawberries | Food From Portugal


Balancing your diet and including some exciting Portuguese ingredients can ensure that you prevent long-term health issues and lead a long, happy and nutritious life.

Written By Sally Perkins