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Is Portuguese Food Your Dream Diet Solution?
Seafood rice | Food From Portugal

One of the greatest struggles in eating healthy is finding food that is tasty and exciting. Many people know how to eat healthy, they just aren’t excited about it. However, different countries have food traditions that make healthy eating both easy and delicious. You may have heard of the Mediterranean Diet, or the Japanese Island Diet, but traditional food from Portugal is one of the best ways to obtain a nutritious and wholesome diet that any gastronome would agree is perfection.
Many of the common ingredients in Portuguese food are healthy sources of protein and vitamins, and can easily be cooked without heavy fats and oils or simple carbohydrates which lack nutrients. Here are five to add to your meals.

Try these at home

1. Seafood is a Portuguese delicacy, and is the center of many traditional dishes. Fish in general is a healthier protein than red meat, is naturally low in carbohydrates and fat, and bursting with flavor which means you won’t need to add calorie-laden sauces to make it taste good.

2. Bay leaves are another Portuguese staple, and are great for weight loss because they’re a calorie-free seasoning that you can toss into whatever you’re cooking and forget about. You won’t be tempted to add as much salt if the dish you’ve cooked is already full of flavor, which is great for lowering blood pressure.

3. Portuguese chorizo is a delicious seasoned smoked pork sausage, and while on it’s own it’s not exactly a health food, even just a little bit can be used to add meaty richness to soups and sauces to help you beat cravings for barbecue!

4. Goat’s cheese is another common ingredient in Portuguese food, and for many lactose intolerant people, goat’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk. Switching to other types of cheese aside from cow’s milk can help reduce inflammation and gastrointestinal distress and improve the health of your gut, meaning you absorb more nutrients from the food you eat.

5. Piri-piri is a unique spice blend that has become internationally popular in recent years. Not only is it incredibly tasty, but spicy food has been shown to boost metabolism to assist with digestion and weight loss.


You don’t need to move to Lisbon, or even switch your diet up completely to reap the health benefits of Portuguese food. Pick one day a week to eat Portuguese food while you’re adjusting, and incorporate some of the special spices and seasonings into your traditional cooking (Piri-piri pizza sauce, anyone?) to help little ones get used to the flavors. Before you know it, you’ll be cooking traditional Portuguese foods like you grew up with them and getting creative, tasty weight loss results without ever feeling hungry or deprived!

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