Recent Recipes

Flan on a plate


A sweet recipe that you will have to taste. Pudding aromatized with lemon, topped with a delicious caramelized sugar sauce…

Chocolate mousse on a bowl

Chocolate mousse

If you are having a party and want to prepare something that everyone likes a chocolate mousse seems to be a good choice? Fast, simple and with excellent presentation this delicious chocolate mousse will make success. Bon appetit!!!

Pork tenderloin in the oven on a baking dish

Pork tenderloin in the oven

If you going to have a dinner with your family or friends, this pork tenderloin recipe in the oven with potatoes is perfect for the occasion! Everyone will love this delicious recipe with excellent presentation. Bon appetit!!!

Meatballs on a platter


Want to prepare a special dinner? The traditional meatballs are always delicious, tasty and ideal for any dinner with family or friends. Bon appetit!!!

Barbecued chicken on a plate

Barbecued chicken

Very tasty and simple recipe to prepare, barbecued chicken seasoned with margarine, lemon juice, garlic, pepper, red pepper sauce salt and oregano, served with fried potatoes.

Roast spare ribs in the oven | Food From Portugal

Roast spare ribs in the oven

If you’re going to prepare a special lunch for your family, this roast spare ribs recipe in the oven is perfect for the occasion! It’s very easy to make, quite tasty and has excellent presentation. Bon appetit!!!