About us

Food From Portugal was created with the purpose to divulge the Portuguese food to all corners of the world. We want to get to known the typical way of cooking in Portugal, where the olive oil, onion, garlic, parsley and coriander are essential ingredients in the Portuguese cuisine. Are thus important ingredients in a Mediterranean diet, which is very nutritious, healthy and World Heritage.
We mainly have Portuguese dishes but not only. Here you can find a little of everything, fish dishes, meat, soups, ice cream, typical Portuguese food, pasta dishes, fast recipes and much more. Besides our recipes, despite maintaining the tradition, they present a healthier version. Food From Portugal has the concern to share easy and accessible recipes to all.
You can follow our latest recipes on social media, with daily posts of our dishes, which can inspire your day by day and make it tastier.


We are present on youtube with several videos explaining all the steps of the recipe and with the respective ingredients and quantities.

Enjoy and help us to spread the Portuguese food around the world.