• Christmas trunk

    Christmas trunk

    Christmas brings together the whole family and is always a moment of sharing and union, share with your family this Christmas trunk made for you, make your night...

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  • Portuguese king cake

    Portuguese king cake

    Do it yourself! Prepare this delicious king cake for your family on Christmas Day. Dare yourself!

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  • Rice pudding

    Rice pudding

    A typical Portuguese dessert, rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon, simple and delicious...

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  • Christmas biscuits

    Christmas biscuits

    Want to make something simple for Christmas? Easy and simple, these biscuits are perfect for serving on Christmas Day. Marry Christmas!

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  • Chocolate roll cake filled with whipped cream

    Chocolate roll cake filled with whipped cream

    Want to try a delicious dessert? This chocolate roll cake filled with whipped cream is wonderful! Soft and sweet, ideal to present at any party or special occasion!...

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