Recent Recipes

Chicken soup with rice

If you like light and traditional soups, prepare this delicious chicken soup with rice. It’s a simple and economical recipe. Your kids will love this soup.

Caramelized peach cake on a plate

Caramelized peach cake

If you want to prepare a fresh cake, simple and with excellent presentation, we suggest this delicious caramelized peach cake. The freshness and delicious peach aroma perfectly match with a fresh orange juice on those hot summer days!

Simple chicken legs in the oven on a baking dish

Simple chicken legs in the oven

Sometimes the time is short and there are few ideas for preparing a simple and tasty meal. These simple chicken legs in the oven can be prepared in many ways and in addition it’s an economical, simple and practical recipe that can be presented either in a family dinner or in a social gathering with friends. Prepare a lettuce and tomato salad and serve with rice or fries!

Simple and delicious fried pork belly

Fried pork belly

If you want to prepare a lunch for your friends and don’t want to have too much work, we suggest this delicious and simple fried pork belly recipe.

Tuna with puree in the oven on a baking dish

Tuna with puree in the oven

In our website we have several recipes with tuna, always delicious and very simple to prepare. This recipe with tuna goes to the oven with puree brushed with egg yolk. Bon appetit!!!

Delicious and simple pork ribs on a platter with a fork

Simple pork ribs in the oven

This is the perfect recipe to prepare in a Sunday lunch with family! It’s simple to make and everyone loves pork ribs. With few ingredients this is one of those recipes that anyone can make and the final result is always great!

Pear and honey jam in a glass jar with toasts and cinnamon sticks

Pear and honey jam

This delicious pear and honey jam is perfect to serve on breakfast. It’s very simple to prepare, fresh, very pleasant and has excellent presentation. Your kids will love it. Serve with toasts! Bon appetit!!!

Fried pork chops on a platter with a spoon

Fried pork chops

If you have little time and want to prepare a quick and easy meal, this fried pork chops recipe is perfect for you! Season with salt, pepper, white wine, Worcestershire sauce, bay leaf and garlic and fry in olive oil and margarine. Bon appetit!!!

Simple chicken in the oven with cinnamon and lemon on a baking dish

Simple chicken in the oven with cinnamon and lemon

In this chicken recipe we combine two ingredients that gives a special flavor to this chicken in the oven, cinnamon and lemon. Seasoned with these two ingredients and delicious spices, goes to the oven with a delicious olive oil, garlic and margarine sauce! Bon appetit!!!

Stewed rabbit with spices on a plate with a fork

Stewed rabbit with spices

This comforting stewed rabbit recipe with spices is ideal for those cold winter days. If you’re going to invite someone special to dinner, prepare this tasty rabbit recipe. Has excellent presentation, your visits will love the perfect fusion of flavors. Bon appetit!!!

Chicken wings in the oven on a baking dish

Chicken wings in the oven

If you want to prepare a meal in the oven, this recipe of chicken wings seasoned with delicious spices is perfect for you. It’s a simple recipe that everyone likes. Bon appetit!!!

Pork spare ribs in the oven with beer on a baking dish with a fork

Pork spare ribs in the oven with beer

If you want to prepare a special dinner for your family, recipes in the oven are always great solutions. Prepare this delicious and simple pork spare ribs in the oven with beer! Has excellent presentation and it’s a quite tasty recipe. Bon appetit!!!

Banana and cinnamon cake on a platter

Banana and cinnamon cake

If you like cakes with fruit, you must try this delicious banana and cinnamon cake. The fusion of these two ingredients is perfect! It’s a simple cake, with excellent presentation, ideal to serve in a snack or for breakfast.

Salmon with caramelized apple on a plate with a fork

Salmon with caramelized apple

This is a simple and tasty way to prepare salmon! With the lemon flavor and served with caramelized apple this is undoubtedly a perfect dish to serve in a special dinner! It’s light, colored and tastes delicious…

Oregano breads on a plate

Oregano breads

Want to make a tasty, different, fast and simple snack? Prepare these delicious oregano breads, it’s a recipe prepared with few ingredients, flour, water, oregano and salt… Serve the breads with butter. Bon appetit!!!

Chocolate and butter cake on a plate

Chocolate and butter cake

Who doesn’t like chocolate cake! This delicious chocolate and butter cake it’s simple to prepare, with few ingredients, topped in the end with a delicious chocolate cream!

Stewed chicken legs with spices on a platter

Stewed chicken legs with spices

The chicken legs can be prepared in different ways, with different seasonings, in the oven, stews and much more… This chicken legs recipe joins several spices in a delicious tomato stew. Bon appetit!!!

Hot wine in a glass with toasts

Hot wine

This hot wine is perfect to serve on festive days with friends or on those cold winter nights. It’s a comforting and slightly sweet drink.

Wafer and cinnamon sweet in a glass bowl with a spoon

Wafer and cinnamon sweet

If you going to invite your friends for dinner and do not know what to prepare for dessert, this delicious wafer and cinnamon sweet is perfect for the occasion. It’s a very simple sweet to prepare and quite pleasant… Bon appetit!!!