Traditional central region recipes

This region is located in the heart of Portugal, bounded on the north by the Northern Region, east with Spain, the south with the Alentejo and Lisbon Region and to the west with the Atlantic Ocean. Presents itself as a rich region in history and heritage and it’s a land of hospitable people.
In the Central Region are very different realities, from large cities and developed that share inheritances with villages lost in time. The Atlantic coast contrasts with the green of the mountains and the inland mountains.
In gastronomy this diversity of landscapes and realities is reflected by combining the knowledge of ancestors with the best taste at the table. In the coastal zone we can find delicious fresh fish and seafood, in the mountainous region the quality of meats and pasture fields allow famous sausages, cheeses, honey and quality wines. Stands out among vegetable products, the predominance of the potato, kale, Portuguese cabbage, tomato, turnip, the turnip greens, green beans, dry beans and onion. In the meat, pork is by far the most used, it follows this meat the goat and / or lamb, most used in the manufacture of festive dishes.



Tigelada is a typical Portuguese sweet very tasty with excellent presentation, confectioned ​​with beaten eggs, sugar and milk, that goes in the oven until golden.
Tigelada "Portuguese sweet" on a clay pan


You must try this delicious and traditional soup recipe. Portuguese green soup is a typical Portuguese soup very much appreciated in our country. Bon appetit!!!
Portuguese green soup on a soup bowl


Portuguese sponge cake is a delicious typical cake, very appreciated and easy to prepare. Try it you won’t regret!
Portuguese sponge cake


This is one of those perfect meals for those cold winter days. This red bean soup is comforting, quite creamy and very tasty! Bon appetit!!!
Red bean soup on a soup bowl

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