Porto and northern region

Region of customs and traditions, considered the cradle of the nation, being bounded on the north and east by Spain in the west to the Atlantic Ocean and south with the vast Central Region. It presents a vast territory, with well disparate realities, from developed and prosperous cities to rural and mountainous villages lost in the idyllic landscapes of the Minho or Tras-os-Montes, remembering the great historical heritage of the region. In the North was born in the twelfth century, the first king of Portugal, who headed south conquering territories and forming Portugal.
In the northern region exist territories as diverse as the city of Porto, the second most important in the country, developed, rich and also historical, and the community villages of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Minho, of difficult access, almost depopulated and so traditional.
Full of natural parks with protected landscapes and species in danger of extinction, it is a region with a more rigorous climate and a more luxuriant vegetation where the soil has been wisely adapted to many different types of agriculture.
The Gastronomy of the Northern Region reveals a huge agricultural variety, fertile pastures, wise and ancient knowledge and expertise, which varies by landscape. With influences of the Atlantic, the fresh fish and seafood are an asset. Also presents quality meat, famous sausages, sheep cheese and goat, and the internationally renowned red wine, green, white and rosé.

We highlight the following recipes:

Cod “à Gomes de Sá”

This typical Cod “à Gomes de Sá” recipe is greatly appreciated and very easy to prepare, have excellent presentation and will delight any family. Bon appetit!!!

Cod "à Gomes de Sá" on a platter
Portuguese stew

A typical recipe much appreciated in our country. The Portuguese stew is prepared in various ways, try our recipe!

Portuguese stew on a platter

Portuguese tripe

A typical Portuguese dish, white beans mixed with tripe, confectioned with olive oil, onion, garlic, bay leaf, chouriço and carrots, seasoned with pepper and salt.

Portuguese tripe served on a bowl
Cod “à lagareiro”

The cod is one of the most popular fish in the traditional Portuguese cuisine. One of the most famous and delicious recipes is the cod “à lagareiro”! It’s an ideal meal for a family lunch! Try it, it’s simple and easy to prepare!!

Cod "à lagareiro" on a baking dish