Lisbon region

The Lisbon region comprises part of the district of Lisbon and Setúbal. Limited to north with the Central Region, northeast, east and south with the Alentejo, and to south and west with the Atlantic Ocean.
In this region is located the capital city of Portugal and its greater metropolitan area, full of places of tourist and heritage interest. Lisbon it’s one of the cities with most tourist demand of the European continent, known for its light and unique charm, with famous beaches and diversified, with excellent infrastructure and roads, as well as a wide range of restaurants and hotels. Also reveals an incredibly jagged coastline, with many rivers, mountain ranges, mountainous areas, agricultural growing areas and industrial zones, marked by cities developed at all levels contrasting with small villages that survived the passage of time or by a large density of residential and suburban areas. This region reveals several monuments and landscapes considered World Heritage by UNESCO, Parks and Natural and Protected Landscapes.
The force of the sea and the rivers that cross here is present in its gastronomy, with the most varied dishes and well fresh seasonings, but also many other products from the fertile soils of the region, as various vegetables, fruit or goat cheese and sheep. Quality are also the vineyards of the region, which enable the production of fine wines.
This region is very rich in traditional dishes due to its extensive coastline and land bathed by the river Tejo, the region offers a wide variety of recipes with fresh fish and seafood. However many traditional dishes are also confectioned with the meat region, especially goat and lamb.

We point out the following recipes:

Clams à bulhão pato

Prepare a special appetizer for your family or friends. Try this typical Portuguese recipe of clams, the lemon juice aroma and the chopped coriander gives it a special taste that everyone will like…

Clams "à bulhão pato" on a skillet
Steak with coffee sauce

If you want to prepare your steaks differently, you have to try this recipe. Flavored with coffee and with a delicious creamy sauce, these steaks are perfect to serve at any time! Bon appetit!!!

Steak with coffee sauce on a frying pan
Portuguese custard tarts (recipe video)

Do you want to make Portuguese custard tarts at home? This Portuguese custard tarts recipe is simple and very tasty! They are excellent to serve for breakfast and snack with coffee. Bon appetit!!!

Portuguese Custard Tarts on a plate

Salt cod fritters

This is a very appreciated recipe in our country. This salt cod fritters recipe is very simple to prepare, has few ingredients and excellent presentation. Serve with tomato rice! Bon appetit!!!

Salt cod fritters on a platter
Cod à Brás

If you like cod you will simply love this recipe! The simple way to prepare and the delicious aspect make this recipe ideal to serve in a dinner among friends! Bon appetit!!!

Cod "à Brás" on a dish bowl
Cod fritters (recipe video)

This typical recipe of cod fritters is very popular in our country. It’s a recipe with excellent presentation that can be served on any occasion. Serve with lettuce salad and with a delicious tomato rice. Bon appetit!!!

Stewed cuttlefish with white beans

The traditional Portuguese flavors are always welcome in a family lunch! Prepare this stewed cuttlefish with white beans for your family, they will love it!

Stewed cuttlefish with white beans on a small tureen