Alentejo region

The Alentejo region, the largest in Portugal, has much to tell, place where reigns the peace of mind and tranquility.
It is rich in landscapes, from its typical plains to hilly and mountainous areas including a stunning coastline with idyllic beaches, remarkable cities and typical villages that seem frozen in time. Its vast plains for years have led to nicknaming the region of “Portugal’s Barn”, since present the right conditions for the cultivation of wheat, barley, oat and sunflower.
Alentejo is also a historical region with immense archaeological remains dating back to prehistoric times.
Its traditional cuisine is based on pork, lamb and bread. To the main ingredients are added local spices that grow freely in the plains and near streams, such as parsley and coriander, through the cultivation of gardens and fields with a wide variety of horticultural products, with special focus on the production of olive oil and its use as a seasoning.



Portuguese bread soup (recipe video)

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the tastiest, nothing like a traditional Portuguese bread soup. It’s a delicious meal, cheap, with few ingredients and quite comforting. Bon appetit!!!
Portuguese bread soup on a large bowl


Traditional dogfish soup (recipe video)

Want to prepare a comforting meal for those cold winter days? You must try this delicious and creamy traditional dogfish soup. The flavor of garlic and coriander give this soup a special touch. Bon appetit!!!
Traditional dogfish soup on a tureen

Sericaia (Portuguese Dessert)

The sericaia is a typical Portuguese sweet greatly appreciated in Portugal. Get to know our recipe and delight yourself. Bon appetit!!!
Sericaia Portuguese sweet on a plate

Portuguese pork with clams (recipe video)

Have lunch with friends? We suggest this tasty traditional Portuguese meal of pork with clams! It’s easy to prepare, has a delicious presentation and everyone will like it. Bon appetit!
Portuguese pork with clams on a large skillet

Rice pudding (recipe video)

This is one of those traditional sweets we all enjoy. Rice pudding is a recipe with few ingredients, very creamy and with excellent presentation! It’s the perfect sweet to serve after a dinner with family or friends! Bon appetit!!!
Rice pudding on a glass bowl

Migas with Portuguese chouriço

If you want to prepare a simple and quick traditional meal, migas with Portuguese chouriço is undoubtedly the ideal recipe for you. It’s a recipe with few ingredients, with excellent presentation and very simple to prepare! Bon appetit!!!
Migas with Portuguese chouriço on a platter

Pork with Portuguese migas (recipe video)

Try this delicious and traditional recipe of pork with Portuguese migas. The seasonings and flavors of the fried meat and the migas flavored with chopped coriander is the perfect combination for one of the most appreciated recipes in our country.
Pork with Portuguese migas (crumbs) on a platter

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