• Strawberry pie

    Strawberry pie

    A delicious pie, with excellent presentation and quite refreshing confectioned with strawberries, yoghurt, gelatin sheets and brown sugar.

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  • Open face steak sandwich

    Open face steak sandwich

    A quick recipe, grilled steak served with bread, drizzled with a mixture of olive oil, pepper, garlic and parsley.

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  • Butter milk cake

    Butter milk cake

    A very simple cake and with a delicious mix of flavors, confectioned with butter, milk, flour, lemon zest and eggs.

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  • Chocolate, apple and cinnamon milk shake

    Chocolate, apple and cinnamon milk shake

    A delicious drink with an excellent mix of flavors, milk shake confectioned with chocolate powder, sugar, milk, yoghurt, apple and cinnamon, garnished with whipping cream.

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  • Carrot jam

    Carrot jam

    Carrot jam with excellent presentation and very pleasant, confectioned with cinnamon stick, sugar and orange juice.

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What's Hot

  • Chocolate

    Strawberry and chocolate milk shake | Food From Portugal

    Strawberry and chocolate milk...

    A delicious milk shake, great for hot summer days, confectioned with strawberries, chocolate, yoghurt, milk and sugar, garnished with whipped cream and chocolate powder. ...more

  • Sweets

    Pear jam | Food From Portugal

    Pear jam

    A delicious jam, excellent to accompany with toasts or biscuits, confectioned with pear, sugar, Port wine and cinnamon stick. ...more

  • Cod

    Spiritual cod | Food From Portugal

    Spiritual cod

    A delicious recipe, cod slivers wrapped in mashed potato and in a sautéed of olive oil, onion, bay leaf and grated carrots, that goes ...more

  • Meat

    Alentejo pork meat | Food From Portugal

    Alentejo pork meat (meat...

    A delicious typical Portuguese recipe, pork meat cut into cubes confectioned with clams in olive oil, wrapped in fried potatoes, sprinkled with chopped coriander. ...more

Typical Portuguese Dishes

Typical Portuguese Dishes
Tuna rissoles - Food From Portugal

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Typical Portuguese Dishes
Tuna rissoles - Food From Portugal

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