• Chicken with fruit

    Chicken with fruit

    The chicken can be prepared in several ways. We present this chicken recipe with fruit in the oven, this perfect blend of flavors, is the ideal meal to...

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  • Stuffed tomatoes with tuna

    Stuffed tomatoes with tuna

    With the summer and the heat, fresh, light and healthy meals are always a great option! We suggest this recipe of stuffed tomatoes with tuna, it's the ideal...

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  • Burgers with onions

    Burgers with onions

    Do you like burgers? Make your own burgers to your taste! We suggest this delicious recipe of burgers with onions, are simple to prepare and very tasty! Bon...

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  • Walnut muffins

    Walnut muffins

    If you like dried fruits we have an excellent recipe to present to you, walnut muffins! They are quite tasty and have a fantastic presentation! At a party...

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  • Turkey kebabs

    Turkey kebabs

    With heat the grilled are always a great option for a lunch with family or friends. Prepare this turkey kebabs and you will see that everyone will enjoy...

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