• Leek ‘à Brás’

    Leek ‘à Brás’

    Do not have much time and want to prepare a quick, tasty and different recipe? Try this leek 'à Brás' recipe, it's very easy to prepare and your...

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  • Pork tenderloin in the oven with bacon

    Pork tenderloin in the oven with bacon

    For a lunch with friends, the pork loin in the oven is ideal, has excellent presentation, is very tasty and this recipe with bacon is simply divine and...

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  • Chocolate and caramel cake

    Chocolate and caramel cake

    Want to prepare a simple, delicious cake with excellent presentation? This chocolate and caramel cake is ideal to satisfy your appetite!! Serve this cake in a snack among...

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  • Fish rice

    Fish rice

    If you want to prepare an easy meal and at the same time healthy and nutritious you have to try our fish rice recipe! You will love the...

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  • Bittersweet chicken in the oven

    Bittersweet chicken in the oven

    Want to prepare a simple chicken recipe for your family and friends? This bittersweet chicken recipe in the oven will amaze everyone! The sweet mix of flavors that...

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