• Crepes filled with cod and bacon

    Crepes filled with cod and bacon

    Do you like to prepare different recipes? You must try these crepes filled with cod and bacon, it's an easy recipe with excellent presentation! It's a perfect recipe...

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  • Lime mousse

    Lime mousse

    If you want to eat something sweet and easy to prepare, this is definitely an excellent option for you! This delicious lime mousse is simple, quite pleasant and...

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  • Banana cake

    Banana cake

    Want to prepare a tasty snack for your friends? This banana cake recipe will amaze them! It's a very simple cake to prepare, delicious and is perfect to...

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  • Roast spare ribs in the oven

    Roast spare ribs in the oven

    If you're going to prepare a special lunch for your family, this roast spare ribs recipe in the oven is perfect for the occasion! It's very easy to...

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  • Dogfish with onions

    Dogfish with onions

    Fish is part of a healthy and balanced diet, prepare an excellent recipe of dogfish with onions for your family and provide a delicious and also a nutritious...

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